Semi – Private coaching

Share your session time with 1-2 others (great for training with friends/family)

Individualised programming within each session based on your current level and goals, with the added motivation and support of training with others.

Out of session support, nutrition advice and programming also provided.

Session times:

Weekdays: 6-7am and 12-1pm (Finsbury Park)

Thursday: 1:30pm-6:30pm (London Fields)

Subject to availability.

This Purchase entitles you to your initial consultation and First session.

To book your consult/session, e-mail:

Please leave your name and order number/date for reference.

Further sessions to be agreed at this time, and will be paid by a monthly direct debit.

Online coaching


Would you like to receive coaching, but can’t make it to the gym for in-person sessions?

Then this may be the option for you.

Options available for those of you with more time on your hands (60-90mins/ session), as well as for those of you who train on lunch or are pushed for time (40 mins)

The sessions frequency can be adapted to suit you and specific skill blocks can be bolted on to your standard plan if there is anyhing specific that you’d like to develop.

Ideal if you have some gym experience and are comfortable with the basics. Online Feedback is available via tet and video, but some technical basics are required to get the most from this.

In-person coaching is recommended if you are a complete beginer or novice.


for more info and to sign up.

1-2-1 Personal Training 

Bespoke sessions, tailored to your indiual level and needs with the aim of helping you reach your goals whist enjoying your training.

60 minute sessions at a frequency that suits you.

Out of session suport, programming and nutrition advice provided.

Subject to availability:

Weekdays 7am-12pm (Finsbury Park)

Thursday: 1:30pm – 6:30pm (London Fields)

This Purchase entitles you to your initial consultation and First session.

To book your consult/session, e-mail:

Please leave your name and order number/date for reference.

Further sessions to be agreed at this time, and will be paid by a monthly direct debit.

Gymnastic Ring Foundations Course  – £20 per session (£120 for the course)

1 x 1 hour long session per week for 6 weeks  developing the technique and strength to perform muscle-ups and building into the beginnings for front and back levers.

  • Pre-requisites for this course include: Ring Pull-ups, Ring Dips  Over ring hold 10-15s mimimum

Contact to book and for more information – this course is run out of Fieldworks Gym:

contact Stu to book.




Terms and Conditions for use of this site

By becoming a member, it is assumed that you have read, understand and have agreed to abide by the terms and conditons set out below:

I understand that any physical fitness program includes exercises to build the cardiorespiratory system (heart and lungs), the musculoskeletal system (muscle endurance and strength, and flexibility), and to improve body composition (decrease of body fat in individuals needing to lose fat, with an increase in weight of muscle and bone).

Exercise may include aerobic activities (treadmill, walking, running, bicycle riding, rowing machine exercises, group aerobic activity and other aerobic activities), callisthenic exercises, and weight lifting to improve muscular strength and endurance and flexibility exercises to improve joint range of motion.

Description of Potential Risks:

I understand that the reaction of the cardiovascular system to exercise cannot always be predicted with accuracy. I know there is a risk of certain abnormal changes occurring during or following exercise which may include abnormalities of blood pressure or heart attacks. Use of the weight lifting equipment and engaging in heavy body calisthenics may lead to musculoskeletal strains, pain and injury if adequate warm-up, gradual progression, and safety procedures are not followed. I understand that JL Fitness Solutions and its employees shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by myself while and during the personal training program. Using the exercising equipment during the personal training program does so at his/her own risk and you assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages which may occur during the training.

Any diet plans or nutritional advice given out to JL Fitness Solutions subscribers are followed and implemented at your own risk. The JL Fitness Solutions team can not be held accountable to any food intolerances or allergies that you may currently have that react to recommended food groups or supplementation advice given.

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I state that I have had a recent physical check-up and have my personal physician’s permission to engage in aerobic and/or anaerobic conditioning.

Description of Potential Benefits:

I understand that a program of regular exercise for the heart, lungs, muscles and joints, has many benefits associated with it. These may include a decrease in body fat, improvement in blood fats and blood pressure, improvement in physiological function, and decrease in heart disease.