Welcome to JL Fitness Solutions. My name is James Lee and I am a London based Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in the Finsbury Park/ North London area and London fields, Hackney.

Let me ask you a question – where are you with your health and fitness now and where do you want to be?

Now ask yourself, what is stopping you from getting there?

What holds most people back is a lack of understanding of how to find which training programme and diet, from the millions available, will be best for them and finding someone to motivate, support and be accountable to.

My vision for you is to quickly assess and deliver a programme completely bespoke for you, a diet that gives you enjoyment and results and to support and motivate you every single day towards your goal.

So, what’s holding your progress back?

Please feel free to get in touch and let’s discuss the first steps in your life changing journey, today!

Try out these simple daily mobility and point preparation exercises to move and feel better!

A quick video to help if you want to improve your progress towards your first Chin-up

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