Testimonials – Handstand and Bodyweight Courses

Charlottes experience of learning how to handstand
Learning how to handstand and headstand again has been amazing – something many people could do as children so effortlessly but could never imagine to do when they’re adults; we are more afraid of falling over, injuring ourselves and simply looking foolish. Thanks to James, and his unique personal training methods, he created this handstands/bodyweight class. Not only did he teach me the importance of bodyweight strength and balance, but he provided personalised classes based on our progress. One week at a time, one new skill at a time, I have now have been taken back to my childhood days… balancing on my hands and head, doing interesting yoga positions, feeling more and more confident, whilst instilling support and confidence in others. James’ classes are intimate and personal, but most importantly fun! He has shown us that with practice, belief and a supportive environment, you really can become stronger mentally and physically! Looking forward to the next classes !! Charlotte
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